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Matlox [Non-Holo] - MetaZoo Singles - Cryptid Nation: First Edition [85/CNFE] Near Mint /

Matlox [Non-Holo] - MetaZoo Singles - Cryptid Nation: First Edition [85/CNFE] Near Mint /

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Product Matlox [Non-Holo]
Category MetaZoo Singles
Game MetaZoo
Expansion Cryptid Nation: First Edition (cnfe)
SKU 148433650
Condition Near Mint
Foil Non-Holo


Meta zoo language en
Meta zoo tribe Giant
Meta zoo ability Power: Giant Appetite: Target Beastie named "Matlox" gains LP equal to this Page's current LP and adds +X Damage to its Attacks where X is equal to the Damage of one of this Page's Attacks. Then, place this Page into your Afterlife. At the end of your turn, place the chosen Beastie into the Afterlife.
Meta zoo total aura cost 6
Meta zoo meta data DOB: 1792 GPS: USA Weight: 1300kg Height: 10m
Meta zoo attack Clubbed (20)
Condition Near Mint
Meta zoo aura type Earth
Collector number 85
Meta zoo page type Beastie
Meta zoo foil Non-Holo
Meta zoo traits Defender;Stone Skin
Meta zoo 4th wall effects Mountain +25
Meta zoo lp 90
Meta zoo flavor text The cursed descendants of a titan gone mad; destined to constantly eat each other and any human unlucky enough to cross its path.
First edition ✓ Yes
Meta zoo spellbook limit 10
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