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Unicorn [Reverse Holo] - MetaZoo Singles - Wilderness: First Edition [77/165/WILD1] /

Unicorn [Reverse Holo] - MetaZoo Singles - Wilderness: First Edition [77/165/WILD1] /

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Product Victini Coin (Battle Theme Deck: Victini)
Category MetaZoo Singles
Game MetaZoo
Expansion Wilderness: First Edition (wild1)
SKU 138115947
Foil Reverse Holo


Meta zoo language en
Meta zoo ability This Beastie's Attacks deal +20 Damage if you are wearing anything unicorn related.
CONTRACT: Target Beastie, Artifact, or Caster recovers +30LP.
Meta zoo total aura cost ✓ Yes
Meta zoo meta data DOB: 400 BCE GPS: North America Weight: 540 kg. Height: 1.8m.
Meta zoo attack Justice Hooves (10)
This Attack deals +10 Damage for each [Daytime] Terra in the Arena.
Meta zoo strong against Dark
Meta zoo aura type Light
Collector number 77/165
Meta zoo page type Beastie
Meta zoo foil Reverse Holo
Meta zoo 4th wall effects 10 LP Daytime+10
Meta zoo lp 30
Meta zoo flavor text Long ago, Unicorns freely roamed the land. Now they must fight back against those that wish to steal the magic of their horn.
First edition ✓ Yes
Meta zoo spellbook limit 8
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