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Jersey Devil - MetaZoo Singles - Miscellaneous Promos [PROMOS] Near Mint /

Jersey Devil - MetaZoo Singles - Miscellaneous Promos [PROMOS] Near Mint /

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Product Jersey Devil
Category MetaZoo Singles
Game MetaZoo
Expansion Miscellaneous Promos (promos)
SKU 148548650
Condition Near Mint


Meta zoo language en
Meta zoo tribe Demon
Meta zoo ability Arena: When this card leaves the Arena, shuffle this Page into its owner's Spellbook.
Whenever an opposing Beastie leaves the Arena because of (Fear), you gain 1 Fear Counter. If you have 13 Fear Counters, you win the game.
(Devilish Scream) Remove 3 Fear Counters. If you do, Destroy target Beastie.
Meta zoo total aura cost 5
Meta zoo meta data DOB: 1735 GPS: Leeds Point, NJ Weight: 63kg Height: 1.3m
Meta zoo attack Nightfall Fire (40)
Meta zoo strong against Light;Spirit
Condition Near Mint
Meta zoo aura type Dark
Meta zoo page type Beastie
Meta zoo traits Fear;Flight
Meta zoo 4th wall effects Nighttime +20
Snowing +20
Meta zoo lp 90
Meta zoo flavor text Locals say they saw this beastie's footprints in the snow... before it was too late.
First edition ✓ Yes
Meta zoo spellbook limit ✓ Yes
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