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Kurisarimon (P-045) - Digimon Singles - Promo [P-045/PROMO] Near Mint / P

Kurisarimon (P-045) - Digimon Singles - Promo [P-045/PROMO] Near Mint / P

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Product Kurisarimon (P-045)
Category Digimon Singles
Game Digimon
Expansion Promo (promo)
SKU 148465502
Condition Near Mint
Rarity P


Digimon cost 4
Digimon card type Digimon
Digimon color black
Digimon attribute Unknown
Condition Near Mint
Digimon language en
Digimon level LV4
Collector number P-045
Digimon digeffect [All Turns] All of your Digimon with the same name as this Digimon gain <Decoy (Black/White)>. (When one of your other black or white Digimon would be deleted, you may delete this Digimon to prevent it.)
Digimon rarity P
Digimon effect -
Digimon security -
Digimon form Champion
Digimon type Unidentified
Digimon dp 5000
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