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Qalupalik [Reverse Holo] - MetaZoo Singles - Nightfall: First Edition [102/163/NGF] Near Mint /

Qalupalik [Reverse Holo] - MetaZoo Singles - Nightfall: First Edition [102/163/NGF] Near Mint /

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Product Victini Coin (Battle Theme Deck: Victini)
Category MetaZoo Singles
Game MetaZoo
Expansion Nightfall: First Edition (ngf)
SKU 138158703
Condition Near Mint
Foil Reverse Holo


Meta zoo language en
Meta zoo tribe Demon
Meta zoo ability CONTRACT: If target Caster is below the age of 15 or there is ice within eyesight, inflict target opposing Beastie with Frozen(2).
ARENA: This Page cannot be Damaged by Beasties inflicted with Frozen.
Meta zoo total aura cost 3
Meta zoo meta data DOB: ??? GPS: Northern Canada Weight: 90kg Length: 1.5m
Meta zoo attack Icy Drowning (Frozen 2) (40) (Flame)
This Attack deals +10 Damage for each Frozen indicator on opposing Pages.
Meta zoo strong against Water
Condition Near Mint
Meta zoo aura type Frost;Colorless
Collector number 102/163
Meta zoo page type Beastie
Meta zoo foil Reverse Holo
Meta zoo traits Trap
Meta zoo 4th wall effects Winter +20
Ocean +20
Meta zoo lp 50
Meta zoo flavor text We come for your babies, hand them over.
First edition ✓ Yes
Meta zoo spellbook limit 4
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