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Walking Sam [Holo] - MetaZoo Singles - Cryptid Nation: First Edition [9/CNFE] Near Mint /

Walking Sam [Holo] - MetaZoo Singles - Cryptid Nation: First Edition [9/CNFE] Near Mint /

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Product Walking Sam [Holo]
Category MetaZoo Singles
Game MetaZoo
Expansion Cryptid Nation: First Edition (cnfe)
SKU 148468147
Condition Near Mint
Foil Holo


Meta zoo language en
Meta zoo tribe Demon
Meta zoo ability This Page cannot be targeted by Dark Spells while in the Arena.
Power: Soul Guide: Target Beastie not named "Walking Sam". Place a token that is a copy of target Beastie into play except its Aura type is Spirit. It gains the text "When this Beastie declares an Attack, no Defenders may be declared that have the same name as this Page." into the Arena Awakened. At the end of this turn, Destroy the token and place Scared on the chosen Beastie.
Meta zoo total aura cost 3
Meta zoo meta data DOB: ??? GPS: Pine Ridge, SD Weight: 34.5kg Height: 2.7m
Meta zoo attack Puppet String (10) (Scared)
Condition Near Mint
Meta zoo aura type Spirit
Collector number 9
Meta zoo page type Beastie
Meta zoo foil Holo
Meta zoo traits Spirit;Unblockable
Meta zoo lp 60
Meta zoo flavor text Walking Same feeds off the pain and suffering of others. He will stop at nothing to find them and make them puppets with strings he can pull.
First edition ✓ Yes
Meta zoo spellbook limit ✓ Yes
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